HIMUNC III is the third Model United Nations conference hosted by Henrico High School! Every year, a group of hard working students work diligently in order to create a conference that is an amazing experience for everyone. Here at Henrico, we believe it is crucial to have students discuss global issues as well as topics that are unique and creative.

This year, the theme of HIMUNC is the power of words. Words are considered one of the most powerful ways in which people can connect and communicate with one another. They have the capability of spreading ideas, helping others, and creating an atmosphere filled with optimism and equality. As HIMUNC approaches its third year, we hope to see delegates understand the power that words truly behold and the concepts that can be communicated by using them. Our motive at HIMUNC III is to provide delegates with an experience that teaches them more about the power of words and how they can shape the world we currently live in. HIMUNC is committed to providing a conference that is engaging, educational, and an incredible opportunity for everyone attending!

Be sure to look around our website in order to gain more information about our incredible conference! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact himunc.secgen@gmail.com. We hope to see you here at Henrico High School in January!